Nobody asks permission to kill. We do not ask permission to save lives.



This Friday, August 30th, we will hold a demonstration at noon outside the Chinese and Russian embassies in Tel Aviv. We will protest their policy of silence, allowing Assad to continue oppressing his citizens, now using chemical weapons.

We expect the use of chemical weapons to escalate following potential actions by the international community.

For some time now, the organization has been raising funds in order to purchase protective masks and suits for medical personnel treating victims of chemical weapons in areas under the control of the Free Syria Army. Three Syrian physicians lost their lives when treating victims of Sarin attacks several months ago. We hope to raise 250000$ US.

The Current Situation in Syria

The Syrian Civil War is approaching its third year now. As the violence intensifies, millions of innocent people are affected. The most recent UNHCR report states that there are over 1.6 million refugees in neighboring countries and close to three million Syrians are internally displaced. . These numbers are all likely much higher and keep increasing by thousands each day. Last week, the official number of people killed was 93,000; however the unofficial numbers are closer to 125,000 and 250,000 are missing. The UN also just announced the biggest humanitarian appeal in their history for $3 billion and said the Syrian refugee crisis is the fastest growing humanitarian issue in the world. The needs are massive and we need to act.







About Us:

We are a group of Israeli's who operate in places where local regimes prevent entry of formal internatioanl humanitarian organizations. We also focus on countries that lack diplomatic relations with Israel, transcending differences, including prejudices, race, nationality, religion and creed. Read More...

The Needs:

Over four million have been displaced, many of whom are women and children. Many of those people are still in Syria and either living in the battle field, in municipality buildings (schools and board houses) or in hiding, sometimes in caves. We are trying to help those within Syria, the internally displaced. The refugees in other countries face serious needs, but those in Syria face life-threatening circumstances every single day and live amidst atrocity. Read More...